Perhaps five years old, now, and one of few poems from my rhyming past that I can still bear to read.

I sit here with a purpose and a million words in mind
But all my thoughts refuse to coalesce
I’m floating with the feeling, the magic in my head
But it’s magic that no mortal words express

Christmas! sighs the golden grass, rolling in the breeze
From homestead to the distant paddock’s end
And Christmas! call the cockatoos, stark against the blue
As white-winged through the spreading gums they wend

Christmas! shouts the burning sun that bakes the air and earth
A shining star that rises in the east
Christmas! chirp the crickets as the evening stretches on
Creation hails Creator on His feast

Christmas! breathes the kitchen and the old combustion stove
Rich with scents of chocolate and of sweets
Christmas! tones the ABC, Australia none for ten
The soundtrack of these roasting summer weeks

Christmas! hum the fresh-washed walls and pictures in their frames
Curtains pressed and hung with gentle care
Christmas! say the extra beds from rooms and halls and floors
That relatives from near and far will share

Christmas! sings the drying tree, cut down this very day
Tinsel hung with joy and childish hands
Christmas! mouth the parcels wrapped in green and ribboned red
Whispering surprises love has planned

Christmas! moan the resting hordes, stuffed full with hearty fare
Dozing through the summer afternoon
Christmas! whisper simple songs, carols all know well
Sharing in each long-familiar tune

Christmas! chants the cricket match, it’s on for young and old
The batting line reads down the family tree
And Christmas! wafts the barbecue beneath the fading light
On Boxing Day all share a drink or three

Christmas! smiles the wooden crib beneath the laden tree
Each figure carved with reverent skill and love
Christmas! pray the loving hearts who take the time to pause
To ponder Heaven’s gift from high above

Christmas! cries the very air, it’s Christmas once again
Christmas! holds the whole world in its thrall
Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! and the speechless joy takes hold
Christmas! is the word that says it all.


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