Have we met?

Have we met?
Perhaps on sunlit beaches of another life…
          we stayed a while
to blister in the sun
to swim out past the breakers
to make and bury memories in the sand
          while our hearts cried out
          mine! mine, mine!
In some other world, perhaps
          we showed our scars
          remembered our battles
and rested
          (or was it lusted?)
          on our laurels.
Perhaps, on other planets
we whispered words in daylight
          and by night
          we breathed as air spoke all the words we had to say.
Perhaps, when earth was young
we wrapped ourselves inside the skins of others
          hunted down our future
and faced the end without the taint of fear.
Perhaps we’ve never met.
Perhaps, we’re just a figment
          a passing whim of a mind never real to begin with
Perhaps we’re just pictures on a screen
          blurred by tears of evermore
          of broken hearts and
seeing other people
I’m sorry
          forgive me.
But for a brief moment
          (and how my heart embraced the joyous chance)
I thought perhaps we’d met
Never mind


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