Observations of a city dweller #3

As I walk to work, a young man steps out in front of me,
dressed for business,
head down,
ignoring the world.
I follow him without much thought.
A block on, another young man,
ginger bearded, barefoot, shirt flapping,
runs past me.
He runs until he is able to place a hand on the first young man’s shoulder;
the latter stops and half-turns, stepping off the path
their eyes do not meet.
No words are said.

I walk on, but at the intersection cannot resist
a backward glance;
they are motionless, holding one another in the morning light.

How marvellous
that lovers do run after one another
do chase down happy endings to quarrels
that moments like those don’t just exist in books
and foolish films.

I hope they are okay,
the solid businessman and his hipster amour.
I hope they live happily ever after.


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