One from the archives, and one I think I will always love.

Calling all rainstorms
passing showers
brief downpours
flooding rains
most specifically
long wet days

We are going away;
for three days, our home
will be entirely free of inhabitants

Our home is easy to spot
It’s the stretch of
grey grasses
or no grasses
baked earth
hard as stone
failed crops
eternal hope
dying of dehydration

While we are gone
make yourself at home
step right in and
take over
push aside the dust
throw your swag down
beneath the clouds
invite your friends
and all of theirs
and stay a while
a day
a week
the next twelve months?
(when we get back
we’ll happily work around you)

consider yourself given
free rein
and please rain
as freely as you wish.

That is all.
We leave our home
in your care, while we are gone.


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