We went storming into summer like
hell bent on riches, wild
with lust for the new
and the unseen
young and drunk with

like invaders, we found
did we bring it or was it
already there? soaking
up the sun.
our sun.

Rent and yet
God knew how
we marched grimly into autumn.
Come at us you
we intoned
and its leaves began to fall in
ordered rows

By winter we were
hard as steel, and seasoned
bold without haste
steady without stagnance
our memories petrified
into armour
our jaws set in solemn
expecting nothing

and yet
and yet
and yet
no matter where we trod, with
our grim feet
hope flowered like so many weeds
born of the cold, it grew
in places we couldn’t reach
in tendrils we couldn’t kill


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