A childless woman’s advice to her children

Don’t be afraid to
eat old Easter eggs on rainy days.
devote yourself to wildly impractical things
that make you happy
smile at boys with ginger beards
be afraid

Never underestimate
the healing power of tea
a solid hug
a bull, no matter how sleepy
he may look
the stupidity of other human beings
your mother

Always remember
being wrong is not the same as being dreadful
where you left your keys
to sing while driving
to blame yourself first
to read the book before you watch the movie or worse still
the series

Never trust
royalty who send emails
what the mirror tells you
men with shiny shoes
women who recommend Brazilian waxes
without good reason

Don’t forget to
dance in public
and in private
have a crack
ask why
explain how
be, just


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