climbing makes no sense

choose your mountain. It helps to know a little
(not too much)
of its general aspect
its narrow passes
its hungry peaks;
peruse them at a safe distance.

Once chosen, remember
this is your mountain now.
Reject all others. There will be no
dalliances for you, with rolling hills or
seaside cliffs

Watch your mountain.
Don’t move! Keep focus.
Ignore distractions.
Are you studying your mountain? Good.
Do not stop.

If you look away, you might not
find it again.

Watch your mountain always.
You may choose to use
binoculars, or
a pirate’s eyeglass or
your own eagle-eyed gaze. That is fine;
what matters is that you have chosen a mountain
and you must watch it


Never climb your mountain.
Climbing makes no sense.
(Focus! Are you watching your mountain?)
If you climb your mountain
how will you watch it?

And once you reach the top
where will you look then?
Don’t be absurd.
Stay where you are.
Watch your mountain.


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