forever and no time at all

One of my favourite people in the world sent me a questionnaire to commemorate three months in France, and I enjoyed answering it so much that I’ve decided to share it. I have edited both the questions and my original answers before publication because I edit stuff, I can’t help it.

  1. Are you happy with what you’ve done so far?

Yes. It would be hard not to be. I always crave more, but I’ve worked, travelled, eaten many baguettes, visited many churches, met wonderful new people, seen old friends, made incredible memories, and run 10 kilometres in an elephant suit*.

  1. Have you consumed the right number of pastries?

My body says too many, my heart says too few.

  1. What’s one thing you wish you had done already but haven’t?

Become flawlessly bilingual and effortlessly elegant. Strewn the cobbled streets of Paris with hearts broken by my exotic but approachable Australian charm. Also, visited Mont Saint-Michel and re-enacted scenes from The Scarlet Pimpernel. I am going to do that last bit in September. The rest is TBC.

  1. Paris. Just Paris.^

Better than I could have hoped. I was worried that living here would ruin the magic, but it’s made it more magical, to be honest. I feel like there’s still more to explore. Everyone needs to stop asking me if I prefer it to Marseille, though. That’s like asking if croissants are better than wine: they each have their distinct and unassailable place in my life and my heart.

  1. What would make the rest of your time a success?

Improving my French. Travelling to about eight more countries. Passing my CFRE exam~. Knowing what I want to do with my life next. Doing more writing. Turning 30 without having an existential crisis. Learning to ride the métro without having to hold on to anything. See also: question 3.

  1. What’s one thing that frightens you about the experience?

Coming to the end of my visa and not feeling done; having to leave before I’m ready. Also, cyclists.

  1. Could there be more pastries?

Bikini season says no, heart says always.


*I keep meaning to write about this.

^I submit that this is not a question, but I’ll let it slide under the banner of poetic licence.

~International fundraising executive accreditation that requires passing a scary four-hour exam in November.


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