Pont Louis Philippe

When she said, I need some space, your chest froze over and you wondered just how much she’d need, just how far you’d have to go away. How would you cope? And for how long?

I warned you, she says, it’s all too much. She goes spilling over in public, breaking down her walls.

They’re all watching but she doesn’t care. It’s too much, she says, and lets it out.

You leave her to it, her messy expansion. Steer clear. She wanted space, she’ll get it.

But you can’t help but go back, after, and you find her calm. Back inside herself. Inviting you into the space between you. It was too much, I let it out, she says. Does she shrug?

She does not care that they saw.




Pont Louis Philippe, Paris 75004 (click for map)
metro Pont Marie (line 7) / metro Cite (line 4) / metro Hotel de Ville (line 1, 11)


Crossing the Seine over any of Paris’ 37 bridges is a treat, but Louis Philippe is one of the best, taking you from the trendy Marais over the tip of the quiet Ile Saint-Louis to the gardens behind Notre Dame. On the way you’ll often find waistcoated rollerbladers putting on a show. Why are you suddenly overcome with emotion? They’re playing the Amélie soundtrack in the background and it’s so movie-perfect Paris it hurts.

What’s nearby:

Notre Dame
Hotel de Ville (City Hall)
The Marais
Les Rives de Seine


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