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Hi! Hello! You’re here!

This is where I keep the things I make out of words. Some of them might be poems, others are not quite stories. Quite a few are passing thoughts. Most are true. They are creatures of strange shapes and sharp edges but I have bravely corralled them here for you to peer at.

Please, come in. Look around. Stay. Tea? Gin?


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Infrequently Asked Questions

Who is Jane?

If you find out, please let her know.

Jane lives for words, and rain, and airports. She has spent a lot of time Not Being A Writer, and has instead been a fundraiser, an editor, a teacher, a journalist, and a student. She is rather tall, speaks bad French and will always put her feet in the sea, no matter what time of year it is. Her talents include feminist snark and caring too much about sport. She also enjoys slogan mugs and wearing other people’s glasses.

Now that she has finished her Master’s degree, tamed her eyebrows and learned to dance salsa, she no longer has any reason not to write the four novels she keeps in her head. Expect her, in the near future, to demand that you read all of them.

Why is Jane a mongrel?
There is an Australian expression, you’ve got a bit of mongrel in you, which Jane considers to be the highest compliment anyone can be paid. It suggests toughness, and a willingness to fight when fight is needed.

It in no way reflects upon the breeding of Jane’s family, who are fine upstanding people, and cannot be blamed for her at all.

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  1. Love the fb page. Proud of your achievements.

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